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Weekly Clubhouse Lectures

The Land Question & the Triumph of the Haitian Republic (wk 8 – Mar 22, 2023)

Supplemental Readings

“Maroon Nation”

  • Chapter 6 Topics (Maroon Economy: Subsistence Production, Cash Crops, & Tax Evasion)
  • The End of Sugar Exports
  • Sugar in Early Haiti
  • King Coffee
  • Money Grows on Trees: Dyewood * Precious Hardwoods in Postemancipation Haiti
  • The Freedom of a Full Stomach
  • Haitian Crypto Culture
  • Living Off the Land
  • Commerce, Cottage Industry, & Counterfeit
  • Epilogue

The Land Question & the Triumph of the Haitian Republic (wk 7 – Mar 15, 2023)

Supplemental Readings

“Maroon Nation”

  • Chapter 5 Topics
  • Land & Freedom
  • Land reform for the Elite
  • Land reform for the masses
  • The Decommodification of Rural Land
    • Decommodification is defined as exit from the labor market with little or no loss ofincome, the land and labor, therefore, are protected from capitalistic forces. That’s what the transactions from the lakou are.
  • The Boyer Era (in which we smack him around a bit)
  • Republican repression
  • Renewed Instability (1843-48)

Echoes of the Revolution: Rebellion & Civil War in Early Haiti (wk 6 – Mar 8, 2023)

“Maroon Nation”

  • Chapter 4 Topics
    • Early incidents of disorder
    • Dessalines War on Vodou
    • Maroons & Runaways in Early Haiti
    • The Maroon Secret Societies
    • The Haitian Civil War

Supplemental Readings

Maroon Nation (wk 5 – Mar 1, 2023 – chap 3)


  • Neil Roberts, “Freedom as Marronage” [book]
  • Robert Lacerte, “The Evolution of Land and Labor in the Haitian Revolution, 1791–1820,” Americas 34, no. 4 (1978): 456. [article]
  • Julia Gaffield, “The Haitian Declaration of Independence: Creation, Context, and Legacy,” [book]
  • Jeremy Popkin, “Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Norbert Thoret, and the Violent Aftermath of the Haitian Declaration of
  • Johnhenry Gonzales, “Maroon Nation”

Despotism & Forced Labor

  • Despotism & Forced Labor: Dessalines & the State-directed Plantation Economy
  • The Great estate in early Haiti
  • Population Loss & Labor
  • Slaves in the Land of Liberty
  • Roundups & Forced Labor Under Dessalines
  • The Carte de Sûreté: State-directed Class Formation
  • Punishment, Prison, & Forced Labor in Haiti
  • The Specter of Reenslavement
  • Emancipation w/o Free-Labor Ideology

Introduction (wk 1 – Mar 29, 2023)

Julia Gaffield lays the groundwork for how the rest of the book will focus on innovative ways Dessalines, Petion, and Christophe used to negotiate new economic and political relationships with the surrounding empires and nations during the age of revolutions.

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